Life in America 2016

During the past week here in the good ol USA we have seen the police kill 2 men on video, one in Baton Rouge, LA and the other in a suburb of Minneapolis – St. Paul, Mn. We have seen an armed soldier open fire on the Dallas police killing five and wounding six, we have seen protests around the country, just today a man pulled a pistol on a group of unarmed Black Lives Matters protesters in Portland, Oregon.  We have seen violence, hatred, and every kind of issue raised to divide us as a people, as a nation.

What have we learned in 50 years? From the march at Selma, Alabama to Kent State, to the marches and protests of today…evidently nothing.

Whether you are rich or poor, Black, White, Hispanic, etc., we all have a stake in what’s happening today. The same things that we protested about in the 60’s are still happening today.

I listened to the song by Barry McGuire titled “On the eve of destruction,” what is says still rings true today.

“The eastern world is exploding, violence flairin’, bullets loading… You don’t believe in war, but what’s that gun your totin’?” ” Don’t you understand what I’m tryin to say, Can’t you feel the fears I feel today?”

These lines ring true…. and more. We are fearful of each other, of our color of our skin, to our sexual identity, to the languages we speak. This is not the America my father taught me about. This is not a land to be proud of right now. We are on a path of self destruction. From the highest levels of government to our local municipalities, we are at war with each other.

We need to stop the fear, we need to stop the violence, we need to talk, listen with an open heart, understand, and work towards solutions rather than putting up barriers.  The people, you and me need to create a change. We need to have our voices heard loud and clear through elections and through city council meetings.

We need to speak at churches, mosques, synagogues and wherever we can to gain understanding of one another. We do not need shouting matches, or violence, let your voice be heard by ballot, by votes, by getting  yourself elected into office. Use our Constitution to our advantage, use the courts to our advantage, use the media to our advantage. The rich may have money and some power, but we have numbers… there are 319 million Americans in the USA, and even if the rich were 1%, we have the voice….

“I can’t twist the truth it knows no regulation, Handful of Senators don’t pass legislation, and marches alone can’t bring integration. When human respect is disintegratin’, this whole crazy world is just too frustratin'”

Those politicians running for office today have professional managers and teams of people working to make them sound good to particular groups of people who they wish to vote them into office.  They will “spin” half truths to make you believe they are on the right side of history… OPEN YOUR EYES, we see everyday what it takes to survive in this “Land of Plenty”… We see congress working 157 days in 2015 for “the people,” the House of Representatives only worked a total of 139 days in all of 2015. Is this what your taxes should pay for? Is this the representation you want?

16.2% of our Federal Budget goes to the military, but that amount is mostly for contractors, and development of weaponry. Our service members receive pay between $22,000 for a soldier to $70,000 for an officer. In contrast less than 4% of the federal budget is slated for food and agriculture. Think about that next time you see the budget come for a vote.

We have Senators that stay in office for more than 20 years… yet a President is only elected for a maximum of two consecutive four year terms. We need fresh blood in our leadership if we want to make changes to old outdated ideas and policies. This is true from the smallest town council to Washington D.C. We need to force our hand as citizens of the United States. Abraham Lincoln said in the closing words of the Gettysburg address, “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” We need to make our representatives in government understand they work for us, not the other way around. Let the voices ring loud and clear.

“The pounding of drums, the pride and disgrace. You can bury your dead but don’t leave a trace. Hate your next door neighbor but don’t forget to say grace.”

We have clergy of all denominations on one side or another in the gender debate, whether it be gender identity, or gender expression or same sex marriage… We have government officials using “closely held religious beliefs” to not serve the public. Others author bills directed towards a class of individuals on the basis of “protecting our wives and daughters.” Well, what about protecting us as well, or are we to be discarded as waste?

We have people killing each other for no good reason, we have our youth seeing this carnage and mistrust and believing this “is the way life is.” Is it? or can we make it better? Selma, Kent State, the million man march on Washington, D.C., and all the other unifying moments we remember that changed our history as a nation must be used as tools to forge a new and stronger country. Martin Luther King Jr, President John F. Kennedy, Malcom X, and others who have created change need to be remembered for the common thread they stood for… “Equality.” Equality of man, of all of us no matter of our skin color, our heritage, or our religion.

My thoughts this past week have been dark and troubling for our country. Are we on a course for a second Civil War? Are we on a course of self annihilation? What is happening with our Land of the free and home of the brave? Only our voices and our actions will determine the fate of this country we call the United States of America.



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Pulse nightclub 6/12/16

Tonight I write about a massacre at a popular LGBTQ night club and meeting place in Orlando, Florida. This night club was not known to me until this morning at 6am PST, when I started reading about the horrors that went on there overnight.

A lone gunman, Omar Mateen a coward, shot 50 people to death and wounded 53 others in his temper tantrum. It has been reported by his father that last month when he saw two men kissing in public in Orlando, he got very upset. The authorities state he was a person of interest because of his radical Islamic ties since 2013, but yet nothing was done to keep him under surveillance.

I am not going to go into a rant on gun violence or laws here as he was a security guard trained in the lawful use of weapons. At this date it appears his guns were legally purchased. I am also not condemning the Muslim faith either. To my limited knowledge about this religion it is about non violence. As is true Christianity.

No what I am going to say is this was all about hate. Hate of someone who is different, who may or may not look like you, may or may not act like you, and certainly not fit what society deems as “normal.” This I blame on the Republican Party, Donald J. Trump, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Westboro Baptist Church, and those individuals who preach hate and death to those that do not “fit in.”

If you truly follow your religion, then you are to help those in need, to search for understanding and forgiveness of others, in learning about differences, and most of all love for all mankind. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and 4200 other religions teach these principals. Man has corrupted and twisted these teachings to fit his own ambitions. In all instances of these religions only the higher being, “GOD” or whatever name you place there can judge us, no man on earth has that power.

Omar Mateen, the coward, took it upon himself to be judge, jury and executioner of 50 people. He had no right to do so. These people had no quarrel with him, they had no interaction with him prior to this massacre. He got it in his mind that he needed to do this… Guess what you sick little man, there are no 72 virgins waiting for you on the other side… I do hope there is a pit of hell for you though.

For you that preach hate through your gospel, or through your elected office, or however you try to get your message out… we will not be silenced, intimidated or eliminated. We will stand in solidarity, against your hate, bigotry, and fear mongering to live our lives as we see fit. You see this is America, we have the same rights as you do, including the right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” If you seem to think we cannot live our life to your standards, then I suggest you leave and find a place that your bigotry and hatred are tolerated as we will no longer tolerate your actions here. Hate speech is not protected under the First Amendment, if it leads to violence then you will be tried on inciting a riot or whatever violence occurs from the filth coming from your mouth. You are an accessory to the violent actions that occur, and I hope you get what is coming to you.

I speak of this as a survivor of violence, of hate, of bigotry. I speak of this from the heart, from lessons you should have been taught growing up in this free society. I speak of this from defiance to your hate, to your fear of the unknown, from your pulpits of sacrilegious bull shit. I am a person of color that before transitioning worked for Cesar Chavez with the Farmworker movement as a teenager, I saw firsthand the discrimination against the Mexican-American, Chicano, Mestizo, peoples. This is no different. As a trans woman of color, I know I am 12 times more likely to die from violence

Those people that died today in Orlando, Florida will live on in our hearts and our minds for many years to come. It is unfortunate that the statistic that will be remembered by the politicians and those who seek office will only remember that this was the worst mass shooting in American history. Do not forget the fact that these people both deceased and wounded were children, were brothers, sisters, and couples… people who were loved by someone. One act of a coward destroyed more than one hundred lives, but it will solidify a group of people into a mass movement that will not be stopped or silenced any longer.


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Today I am going to speak of GOD and the bible. I am not going to spout bible verses or scripture. I am however going to speak about belief, spirituality, and man.

Let’s get this out of the way first, I do believe in a higher power, whether that be GOD, or the Great Creator, you put a name there. I am not by any means religious, I do not purport to have read the Bible entirely, nor do I attend church regularly. I do however believe that I am here for a reason, one I may never understand completely, nor should I try to.

GOD is different to every man, woman, and child on this planet of ours… I read somewhere there are now 4,200 different religions in the world today. That is a lot. Let that sink in for a minute Four thousand two hundred religions. Who on this little planet in our great solar system is to say which one is “the one”… “the only”…. the right religion for man?

Of what I have read, all religions come down to these basic ideas;

  1. Love one another
  2. Treat always the other person as you wish to be treated
  3. Help each other
  4. Learn from each other to understand one another
  5. Do not let material things get in the way of true happiness
  6. The only constant in the world is change
  7. Each person has their own unique journey or path they must take in life
  8. We all are unique in ourselves, no two are the same
  9. Believe in a higher power
  10. Once you master these basic ideas, then and only then will you truly know the meaning of life.

Simple, huh? Ten things to know in 4,200 religions worldwide. Do you see bigotry, hatred, war, hunger, discrimination, wealth or poverty, the answer is NO, you do not. You do see love, understanding, compassion, learning and such. So why do the people who purportedly teach the sacred words of our creator preach just the opposite? Why do they teach their version of these words is the only true version? Why do we have killing, rape, torture, war, in the name of GOD, Allah, etc.? Is that what they stand for? I think not.

I believe in all my heart, that until we learn as a collective world to understand one another, to truly know how to help one another to become the best person they can be, to give yourself over to the ideas that were laid out in front of you, then, and only then you can call yourself a child of GOD, Allah, etc… We cannot evolve in this world on the path we are on, we will be extinct like the dinosaurs before us, and we have no one else to blame but ourselves. Remember rule six: the only constant in the world is change… the dinosaurs could not adapt to change, they became extinct. We must adapt to change, we must learn from each other, or face extinction. Those people who are currently spewing hate, bigotry, discrimination, all in the name of religious freedom are no better than those people who were advising the Pope during the Crusades, or the Rabbi’s during the time of Jesus, or the splitting  of the church during the time of the Tudors, or the Salem witch trials… you get the point… No matter what your religion may be, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hinduism, whatever… people have bent all of these great religions to their own will, to their own greed, to their own end purpose. That is not what religion, or spirituality is for.

We are taught to believe in a higher power, a greater being, GOD, gods, something always greater than ourselves… In ancient times we prayed to gods for rain, fertility, bountiful harvests, and some cultures still practice this even today. Other cultures took many gods and made them into one all powerful being, while others followed teachings of spiritual men Muhammed, Buddha, Jesus, to create texts that are read worldwide in printed books in many languages. While others yet are seeking what to believe in at all. Some, choose not to believe in anything, which is their right.

I am dismayed at the United States of America and how we have let the “religious freedom” our forefathers wrote into the founding documents of this country about such things and they are being “interpreted” for lack of a printable term. The very first amendment to our Bill of Rights reads:

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances

Nowhere does it state that you have a right to discriminate against a person based upon your religious beliefs, but yet there are bills in many states that are allowing this under the guise of “Religious freedom.”  This to me smacks of the advisors to the Pope in the times of the Crusades, but much worse, because we are supposedly the most highly educated of all time the world has known.  Is this what any GOD would want? Division, discrimination, hate, bigotry in the name of religious freedom. I think not. I believe we all must fall back on the ten ideas and once we learn to accept one another for who we are, who we are at the core of our own being, then you have religious freedom. You do not need politicians, pandering to a few “Popes”… whispering in their ear “if you don’t do this now…” or “They are inferior, unwashed, unholy…” This is not what we have come this far for, out of the Dark Ages, out of caves we were living in not too long ago. We are better than that as a society, as a people, as a nation.

Our country is made up of many religions, many cultures, many ideas, and yet we cannot see that we are all on our own unique specific journeys, crossing one another but never exactly the same. We are all children of the past, looking to the future, living in the present. We must change the present if we are to have a future, and not give into ideas that will make us follow in the steps of the dinosaurs. Wake up America, learn from the past, never to make those mistakes again, never to give into the whisperers saying “if we don’t do this now they…” those days should be buried in the past. We need to move on from there and forge a new future to ensure we have a future at all.

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Academy Awards 2016

Tonight I had the pleasure of watching the Academy Awards show with one of my best friends. We missed the first 45 minutes of the show, but what I did see was very good.

The reason I am writing this blog is the messages I saw tonight on this show, where messages seem to be the norm since the 60’s… The first message I remember I was about 12 years old, Marlon Brando’s refusal of his Academy Award in 1973 protesting the portrayal of Native Americans in film. This year was no different, no less than 2 speeches referred to “indigenous peoples” or Native Americans. One speech by Sam Smith referenced the LGBT, Chris Rock was all about diversity and #Blacklivesmatter. We  witnessed vice President Joe Biden introduce Lady Gaga in a very moving performance of Till it happens to you… a song about non consensual sex, she was surrounded by survivors of this crime.

I also took note of some of the awards, or better yet the portrayal of these awards… The Best Actress award which precedes the Best Actor Award at the end of the show… The Best Actor award seemed to be the main award besides Best Picture. The set up was “and now the award we have been waiting for…” directly behind Brie Larson winning for “Room”, a motion picture I had no idea about. I will definitely put it on my must see list now though. It seemed to demean the Best Actress in favor of the Best Actor award. Do not get me wrong, I am very happy that Leonardo DiCaprio won tonight, from what I heard it was a very moving picture. But, this seems a subtle way of keeping women as a second class, even in Hollywood.

Women are as much a backbone in Hollywood as they are in our country. These women need to be recognized as fully as any man in any way. In my transition I have learned hard lessons that I had already thought I had recognized and identified with. I was wrong.

Women in this country, hell the world do not get half of the credit they deserve. From raising families, to feeding their families, to working in every conceivable profession, from farming, to truck driving, to working for NASA, to running countries. Women are strong, women are resilient, they are bold, they are much more than their beauty, or sex objects men make them out to be.

There was a documentary that won tonight about a girl in Pakistan who survived an “honor killing”, by her father. This is an abominable tradition that needs to stop. The “Danish Girl” won the Best Supporting Actress for Alicia Vikander, which was a movie about a Trans woman set in 1926 Copenhagen. These were both powerful stories, both showing the strength and resilience of women in their separate but similar struggles in a male dominated world.

We as inhabitants of this planet must realize two things above all. First, we are all the same, man, woman, black, white, Mexican, Asain, gay, trans*, Christian, Muslim, no matter what we inhabit this planet and there is no reason we cannot all work together for the common good of everyone. We need to value everyone’s contribution to this big blue marble we live on, all lives matter. Second, if we do not work together and we let hate, bigotry, class, gender, gender identity, religious belief, or any other way of dividing us up as human, we will seal our fate sooner rather than later.

If we do not believe it can happen, we then are the greatest fools ever born. The people who made the Nazca lines, or the Maya, or whatever civilization that came before us that are no longer here may have had the same ideas. They will live on forever… history tell us different.

What I am saying is that tonight I saw many stands taken by many people, they all have value, they all have a specific message. My message is first; women are not second class anything, and we need to be valued equally as men. Second, we need to all work together without divisiveness in politics making us fear or hate one another. Third and finally, if we do not work together as one world, we are doomed and will not survive much longer.

Please remember, people all have one thing in common… WE ARE ALL HUMAN! One final thought, there was a line in the movie Star Trek II The Wrath of Kahn. Kirk speaking of Mr. Spock at his funeral “Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most…human.” Let us today hope that when we die someone will speak of us in that way. I myself would hope that I can be remembered in that way.


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Thoughts for 2016

Some thoughts for 2016…

We are in the waning days of 2015 and the rhetoric still has not stopped or slowed against us.

An Indiana Senator has introduced the first “bathroom bill” for 2016 again… All other bathroom bills have failed but here is another attempt at discrimination against us. This elected official feels that trans men should pee in cis women’s restrooms, and vice versa. I am a trans woman, do I really want to pee with the “boys” because I was “born that way”? HELL NO!  I am a woman, I identify as such and I dare any bathroom police to check my “junk” to see if I have any… I will sue them under the 4th and 14th Amendment of the Constitution of The United States of America.  This bathroom bill is unenforceable under the constitution. I do not care what that State, or any state says, you cannot restrict or take my rights away from me.

The Republicans are at it again in the Presidential debates touting Christianity. However, they are not by any means being Christian about anything. By distorting truths, calling for discrimination of any other religion, or race, in our country. While they state all this “country was based on Christianity” BS, they are demonstrating the most un-Christian attitudes. Christ was all about forgiveness, the poor, the down trodden, the underserved in life…all of the people Republicans are opposed to helping.

Caitlyn Jenner… I see people bashing her on all levels. This is unacceptable in my view. Caitlyn Jenner is less than a full year into her transition, a transition in the public eye nonetheless. Those that are bashing her have no idea what that must be like, being under 24/7/365 scrutiny. She is still learning about being trans*, Hell, I have been in Caitlyn is in a unique position in not only being a celebrity, but she was “the man’s man” in her early life. We can never know her pressure, but her connections can be of use to us as a group. Trans* people should never bash other Trans* people for trying to speak up, if it is wrong we need to correct her when we find problems, not bash. She needs to be taught as we all have much to learn in our respective roles in this Trans* movement. Our togetherness, oneness, whatever you want to label it needs to remain strong. We need to remain committed to our cause and use whatever means we have means we have at our disposal, including any celebrity such as Caitlyn Jenner, Geena Romero, Laverne Cox, etc. They can get to places and make contacts in circles we could never reach or dream of. I see Caitlyn Jenner as being a Republican a good thing, as it places this Trans* movement smack in their faces. They cannot deny us, as now they have intimate knowledge of one of us in their ranks.

We need to keep ourselves vigilant in 2016, to any attack on our way of life on all levels, professional, educational, and personal. Legislative measures need to be stopped cold if they infringe upon our rights. We need to push for rights to be cemented in stone, to be seen as individuals, to be seen as people. We need to fight tooth and nail for comprehensive medical care covering all aspects of transition from medication to therapy to surgery across the board in all 50 states.

We need to get laws in place against discrimination in housing, employment, credit, family matters (adoption and marriage), legal document changes such as birth certificates, drivers licenses, and medical records.  We need to speak to elected officials on every level, city, county, state and federal, make it personal… make them look us in the eyes, make them see us. It is harder to condemn a person whom you know than a group you do not. It is easier to make people fearful of what they do not know, who they do not know than if we are there at every turn. We need to get off the internet and get into their faces by way of  protest marches, going to city meetings, having our faces in the news in positive ways, helping cities understand we are not bad people, we are not sick, or to be feared. We are productive members of society, not only for the LGBT, but for all mankind. Helping others will ultimately help ourselves.  We need to quit hiding and go out with friends, NEVER ALONE, to show we are no different than anyone else. We need to find churches to attend, show up and be counted, make ourselves totally visible in public, quit living in the shadows where society wants us to stay. If we are out, like the rest of the LGB, we cannot be denied.

Force our brothers and sisters in the LGB movement to understand we need solidarity with them. I see so many centers that have one or two nights per month dedicated to Trans* issues, we need more… we need to be counted, we are Straight, Bi, Gay and Lesbian, we are all over the map in sexuality…. it does not matter. We are being killed, discriminated against not only by the cis gender individuals, but by our LGB counterparts as well. This needs to stop, NOW!  No one of the letters in our alphabet soup is more important than the other… let’s get that message across as well.

This blog brings 2015 to a close and hopes for a better 2016.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo


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Thoughts for 2015…

I just read a couple of posts on Trans women. The first was talking about being transgender and womanhood.

Basically, trans women are women, it was welcoming all of us to the ranks of being female and being recognized for it. One thing that stands out is that most Trans women once they fully transition wish to go “stealth” as only women, dropping the “Trans” identity. This is true. We are women with the birth defect of being born in the wrong body. Our brains are that of a woman, this has been proven in study after study. Even the DOJ has recognized this fact in their latest brief in a case involving a wrongful termination and ADA accommodations stating “Numerous medical studies conducted in the past six years point in the direction of hormonal and genetic causes for the in-utero development of gender dysphoria.” This is a first for our government and might be a step into understanding us finally.

The second post was stating that it may be possible for a trans woman to give birth within the next five years. This to me is revolutionary on two fronts. First, in transplanting a uterus into a trans woman thus fulfilling the transformation in our bodies. Most women desire to give birth, call it “inborn” in most women, trans women included. Second, this then shows that “men” and women are not that much different when it comes to our bodies. XX and XY Chromosomes, do not define us completely as some would make us believe.

This idea that because some of us are born with a penis thus we can never be a “real woman” is absolutely false. We have always been women, just in the wrong package. These two stories show that fact. So when these people say we are men using women’s restrooms… rubbish! We are women, period!



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TDoR 2015 A Time to Remember

As we honor or dead on this the 17th Transgender Day of Remembrance, I see a country torn apart by bigotry and hatred. I see Transgender men and women being murdered in a number never seen before. I see children that are trying to discover their own gender identity committing suicide. I see hatred for those people that do not fit into the box of what is “normal”, whether that be Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Black, White, Brown, Muslim, Christian, Mormon, young, or old…

People, please see that we are one people that live on this blue planet in space. I read a passage the other day that referred to the idea that although there are many religions throughout this world there is but one GOD… now you may say this is arrogant to think this way but, step back for one minute and think, how important that really is in our life… we are but a speck in time on this planet, less time than the dinosaurs so far, but yet we are the most destructive to one another over what…. our religious beliefs?  Is that civilized? Is that what man (woman) was placed on this blue planet to do? Fight? I think not.

Here is my idea; we were placed here to learn from one another, to understand one another, to help one another. No religion I know of preaches murder, hate, intolerance, just the opposite the great religions of the world preach love, compassion, understanding. Why do you say am I speaking of this in a blog about TDoR? I speak of these things because as a Trans woman I am told that GOD does not love me, that I am a man in women’s clothing, that I will never be a real woman, I can never understand what it is like to be a real woman. I say this to those statements; I think , no I know all to well what it is like not to be equal to anyone in society, to have no where to turn in times of need because no one would understand me growing up, (I am a child of the 60’s). I know discrimination from my racial background (Mexican Indian and American), I know feeling that I don’t belong in the body I was born into, the feeling of inadequacy, the feeling of being “different”, “not right.” No, I will never know the feeling of having puberty and going through the “change” of starting my period, or of menopause, but all of these other things I have found out in my five years of transition have led me to understand what we feel, be it man, woman, or transgender individual is my feelings and your feelings are what we have in common making us human.

We all need to take a step back and see one another for who we are, what we can bring to the table of learning and understanding, what we have in common. All religion teaches us that we are to respect one another… why then do we kill each other?  Why do we allow bullying to the point of someone taking their own life? Why do we exalt ne religion over another, why is your belief system right and mine wrong?

271 lives were lost this year because those people were not allowed to be themselves, be who they knew who they were inside. What makes this wrong? What gives anyone the right to impose any judgment on how we are to live our lives? My life is unique, your life is unique, so who is to say that my unique life is wrong, or your unique life is wrong?

Killing us in the numbers we are seeing is out of fear and ignorance. This fear and ignorance leads to hate and bigotry, which we have seen rise across the United States in the form of “Bathroom Bills”, “Religious Freedom Laws”, Fear mongering, and intimidation. Making our lives less valuable that a cisgender person is what is currently underway. This year a defense lawyer in New York was  arguing at a sentencing hearing and he stated that a 30 year sentence is too much punishment for his client for killing a “tranny”, if the life he took was a banker on Wall street, then that would be proper. A judge imposed a sentence on an admitted murderer of a transgender woman of sixty days jail and ten years probation. In a recent killing on the east coast a trans woman was killed by her friend because he was “outed” as being a friend of a “tranny”, he became embarrassed and murdered her.  Are these murders of these trans people any less valuable to society that the Wall street executive? Is this what this civilized society will accept as right and just? I hope not.

I have an idea… Why don’t we open up conversations about what it is to be transgender? Being transgender in a society where we are vilified, made a mockery of, or made to feel less than human on a daily basis.  Why don’t we discuss how the transgender population survives in a society where we have unemployment of 8 times the national average, where 70% of us live below the poverty line, where the attempted suicide rate is 41%, all in a population of supposedly less than 300,000 in the United States. Those are conversations we need to have, to be open with one another, to learn from one another, to help one another. This is what all of the religions of the world require, this is then civilization, (being civil to one another en mass), this is what this big blue planet needs, no demands of all of us.

Please in this time we honor our dead let’s all fight like hell for the living.






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The Government and Toilets…

Here is a question for you; What is the difference between the Republican Party and ISIL? Answer: NOTHING. They both are terrorist groups hiding behind their respective religions and using their religion to justify their actions. It is my opinion that the Republican Party has taken pages from Hitler’s playbook about segregation and elimination of an undesired population in society.

I know I am going to upset people with my opinion, however, it is my opinion and I am not running a popularity contest here, I am exercising my First Amendment rights to freedom of speech.

I do not know where Florida State Representative Frank Artiles gets his information that going to the bathroom is a choice, as he says “People are not forced to go to the restroom, they choose to go to the restroom.” This is simply ridiculous. I propose then that we eliminate all public restrooms throughout the country so no one has to worry about the choice of using one or not.

Texas Representative Debbie Riddle is another example of bigotry and hate in public office. She thinks that anyone over the age of 13 who is found in a public facility of a gender that is not the same as the individual’s gender should be prosecuted and convicted of a class-A misdemeanor, spend up to 1 year in jail and be fined $4,000.00. This is another example of Nazi thinking at its finest.

Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church is another person who is leading a charge to eliminate trans people from existence by comparing Transgender people to Nuclear weapons. This from a man who heads the Catholic church that has the worst records of Pedophilia just ahead of the Republican Party in the United States!

For those that follow the Bible Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged. 7:2 For with that judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.  James 4:12 There is one lawgiver, who is able to save and destroy: who art thou that judgest another?  John 8:7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

Pope Francis, should preach love from the pulpit, not hate. Jesus died for the sins of man, and the Pope has no right to judge anyone, that falls to St. Peter and GOD himself. The Pope may speak for GOD, but he does not have the same rights as GOD to judge anyone.

As a trans woman, I find it shameful that so many feel so compelled to worry about what I do in the rest room, I pee and i poop, wash my hands and leave. There has never been any record of a trans person molesting anyone in any rest room, period. Also for those of you who are so misinformed, trans women who are on HRT,  (estrogen) is the same as chemical castration, in other words, we don’t have the sexual desires of males. We are female…. we are not wolves in sheep’s clothing, we are women in women’s clothing, pre or post op.

There is enough science to prove we are female, follow up and read (oh, i forgot Republicans don’t read, they live on hear say), anyway read the definitions in the DSM V about Gender Identity Dysphoria… it will enlighten you… I promise.

This is not a choice we live it is a necessity. We were born in the wrong bodies, and before you say that GOD doesn’t make mistakes, tell that to your constituents that have children born with disabilities such as cleft palate, or disfiguring birth defects… tell them GOD didn’t make a mistake, that it was GOD’s will….I dare you.

I am calling on all persons in the LGBT community and their allies, to vote all Republicans out of office during the next two election cycles, to march on their respective State houses, and Washington DC. Remember as elected officials, YOU WORK FOR US as well as the cis gender population of the United States. We have the same rights guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States, as everyone else. We are not second class citizens, we are full citizens weather you like it or not. We have rights and we will exercise those rights to the fullest.

As I said at the beginning of this blog, there is no difference between the Republican Party and ISIL, both hiding behind their respective religions to preach hate and fear. They are the problem, not the solution.

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Why Do So Many People Have to Hate!

This is the first of many salvos we must fight against. Life for us transgender peoples is always a fight, with ourselves, with ignorant politicians and “Christian” people. This must end now.

From the Ashes, the Phoenix will Rise


Folks, I have not put much out there regarding the hate mongering that seems to be exploding lately. And in this context I’m talking about the politicians and really mis informed people out there that are up in arms about everything doing with Transgender people.

In the recent months we are seeing an increase in transgender suicides, the number of transgender people killed by others this year (and it’s only February) is I believe 8 the last I counted and the number of pieces of anti-transgender legislations has exploded!! So here’s me on my soap box folks, I’m getting pissed off!! All of these issues have one thing in common…IGNORANCE and hate!! There is no other rational explanation!!

The thing that has just absolutely outraged me to no end today, is my own state of Kentucky passing a so called bathroom privacy law. And I know some of my friends…

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Leelah Alcorn…

It is now New Year’s Eve, 2014 is coming to an end and 2015 is around the corner. Leelah Alcorn a 17 year old transgendered youth has committed suicide. Leelah will never know what 2015 could have shown her, she will not graduate high school, she will never find true love, she will never live her life the way she should have. She committed suicide. This is a crime, a preventable death, a death that should never have happened.

Who is to blame? Who bullied her into this corner? Who gave her as she said “no way out”? Who treated her so badly? It was her parents, her mom and dad, her loved ones, the people that were supposed to care for their baby no matter what. The people who were supposed to help her reach her dreams, the people that were supposed to be “in her corner, no matter what,” the people she trusted with her inner most thoughts and desires.

Either because of their religious beliefs, their social beliefs, a combination of both, or just plain ignorance, their child is now dead. No child should feel that this was the only way out. No child should not feel loved or safe, or without a place to turn to. Leelah stated she felt different from age 4, and at age 14 she found out a name for it…”Transgendered.”  She was ecstatic, she told her mother and that is when everything fell apart. Her mother told her “it is a phase”, “no matter what you do, you will never be a real girl”, and “GOD doesn’t make mistakes.”  If we are all created in GOD’s image then whatever we are, White, Black, Hispanic, Jew, Gentile, Male, Female, or any combination of these, it is not a mistake it is who we are.

Transgendered individuals face discrimination and scorn from society, Leelah should not have faced that from her parents. This obviously was not a “lifestyle choice”, this was not a “phase” or a “fad,” like wearing metallic leggings from the 70’s… this was a young person who reached out to someone who should have listened to her, helped her find her way, and been there to see her grow into the person she should have been. Instead, she was ridiculed, removed from school, friends, her computer was taken from her so she had no way to reach out for help. She was isolated, she was placed in confinement of her room, allowed no outside contact, and she did what a prisoner would do under those circumstances. She committed suicide to rid herself of pain, to end her torture.

In her note, she asked not to be forgotten, that her death should mean something, that society needs to change. I for one will not forget her story, I for one will do my best for her LIFE to mean something, I for one will strive to help bring about change to society.

Personal note to Leelah:

Leelah, I know your pain, I have been there, suicide was not your only option and I wish I could have told you that. You are 17 years old, life to be lived, loves to have, friends to make. Tomorrow is not promised to us, but we always need to hope for a better tomorrow, and if it does not come, then we need to work to make it better than yesterday. I read a post today directed at your parents and I wish to use a quote from it “GOD gives the hardest battles to the strongest warriors”, I believe you were one of those warriors, now fallen in battle, your song will be sung, your story will be told, you will not be forgotten.

In closing, I call on all who read this blog to work towards acceptance of all people who may identify other than the norm. If you know of a transgendered teen, or other person, tell them they mean something, that they are as special as anyone else. Stand up and be counted to stop this witch hunt on the LGBT by those who want to legislate us out of existence, those who try to throw the Bible at us and use “conversion therapy” to treat us, and say we will “go to hell”, and judge us. It is up to GOD to judge everyone, not man. If there is a St. Peter at the pearl gates of Heaven, then judgment will come for each of us, until then keep your judgments to yourself, let us live, do not let another Leelah die because of this hatred, ignorance, beliefs, or whatever spin is put on it this week or next. No more children should go through what Leelah did, no other trans people should go through this, . End it now

RIP Leelah Alcorn


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